Niyas Mohammed

Machine learning + Delightful UX
Founder, Neuralcraft

I craft cutting edge AI research into beautiful products to solve everyday business problems.


  • Founder & CEO


  • Technology Specialist, AI

    Litmus7 Systems Consulting

  • Product Manager

    Genpro Research

  • Sr. Research Engineer, NLP

    Genpro Research

  • Research Engineer, NLP

    Genpro Research

  • Data Analyst

    Ernst & Young

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I've worked on

Realtime ecommerce recommendations

Based on live clickstream data

ML Framework

Developer tools to go from experiments to production

Semantic Search Engines

For ecommerce, pharma, and police

AI Authoring Platforms

Used by epidemiology teams at big phrama

AI Auditor platform

Perform first round of auditing and identify risks

Social graph from Email

Plot best paths between people from email metadata

LLM Powered Evaluation

First cut scoring and critiquing on multiple domains

Darknet Monitioning

Web scale search & discovery platform for state police

Document Intelligence

OCR, classification, extraction, signatures, tables.

Survey Analytics Platform

Reduce critical analysis time from 1 year to a few weeks

Virtual Assistant Platform

Built the first conversational platform for EY

Boo: Interactive Robot

Talk to an expressive robot and it will tweet about you

Drones for Warehouse

Automated navigation and inventory counting

Content flagging systems

Built automated workflow without ever looking at the data


A robot arm system that can draw pictures.

Haptic Smart Shoes

Onboard haptic feedback for navigation. Run analytics.

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